From the Desk of our Director of Missions

Pastors Week of Prayer

On October 12-16 we want to have our first Pastor’s Week of Prayer. For convenience sake these meetings will be held in five different locations in our Association. We encourage every pastor to attend at least one of these prayer meetings. Prayer is the power behind every great ministry and minister. Nothing eternal can be accomplished apart from Prayer.

We pastors are always asking our people to pray about everything. Today I am asking you to make time for these special days to pray for our country, our local churches, our fellow pastors and the growth of God’s Kingdom in our area.

You can attend every night of these prayer services if you wish. But, please plan to attend the one in the community where you serve. You may also bring one other church leader with you if you want.

For those who are concerned about the virus, know that we can social distance with no more that ten to twenty people in each service.

We also want to invite any of our young preachers or retired pastors to join us as well.

Remember that Jeremiah 33:3 says: “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.”

The following is a schedule where these prayer meetings will be held.

Monday, October 12—Upper Laurel Baptist Church

Tuesday, October 13—Marshall 1st Baptist Church

Wednesday, October 14—Baptist Center

Thursday, October 15—Forks of Ivy Baptist Church

Friday, October 16—Zion Baptist Church

All Prayer meetings will begin at 7:00 PM