From the Desk of our Director of Missions

Ponder This:

It is with great joy that I accept God’s call to serve the churches of Western North Carolina. It seems that I am beginning this new journey at a very difficult time for the local church, our nation and the entire world. The coronavirus has seemingly changed everything. As those who trust in God, we do not walk in fear, but we do want to walk in wisdom. In light of these new developments allow me to remind us of a few Biblical truths. 

We must remember that the church is not a building. The New Testament Church is made up of people who have become Christ Followers. Remember we don’t just GO to church, we are the church.

I believe that it is important to gather with God’s people on a regular basis, but when we cannot do this for health precautions, let us meet with God in our homes. Our community’s health and safety is our utmost concern. We want to be considerate when it comes to matters that could affect the health of you, your family and especially those most vulnerable among us.

Last of all, Let as pray for one another and our nation as never before. As someone has said, during this Pandemic Crisis let there be a Pandemic of Prayer.