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2018 Bible Camp Report

French Broad Baptist Association Bible Camp Report 2018 Committee Members: Rodney Wallin, Chairman; Ricky Ford, Ray Buckner, Michelle Franklin, Buster Norton, Donna Smith For the past 45 years, The French Broad Baptist Association has sponsored a Bible Camp for the youth of Madison County. In 2018, Bible Camp was held at The Oaks Retreat Center in Greeneville, Tennessee from July 22 – 27. God greatly blessed our camp and we had a very successful week with 85 children and about 50 adults participating. This year, there were 7 participants who received salvation, 3 rededications, and 5 baptisms. While at camp, emphasis is placed on salvation or rededication. We also provide opportunities for our youth to strengthen their faith through Bible Study and learning activities as well as develop Christian friendships with other young people. Each day, the children attend several learning sessions. They attend a morning devotion called “Morning Watch”, a Bible Study session later in the morning, listen to and observe sessions provided by missionaries after lunch, attend a singing and worship service after supper, and participate in an evening devotion session before “Lights Out” with their cabin group which is led by their counselor. Between the learning and worship sessions, activities are offered for the children such as morning team sports, swimming, zip-lining, gymnasium, arts and crafts, as well as three meals and an evening snack. Christian volunteers from associational churches prayerfully serve as counselors and staff in Bible Camp. All counselors and staff must be members in good standing in their church and are recommended by their pastor to serve in a leadership capacity in the camp. They are required to adhere to the Camp By-Law guidelines established by the Bible Camp Committee. Counselors work intently with the youth and lead them through all the activities and learning sessions throughout the day and evening. Throughout the day, other staff members work intently to provide the activities and support as well as three delicious meals a day. Staff members such as a Camp Director, Camp Assistant Director, Bible Study teachers, recreation and activity workers, cafeteria workers, medical workers, and other critical positions help support the camp so that it functions effectively. Camp Pastors are selected from pastors who are serving in churches within the French Broad Baptist Association. Camp Pastors are selected by the Bible Camp Committee prior to camp each year. This year serving as Camp Pastor was the pastor of Big Laurel Baptist, Rev. Kellen Griffin. “Morning Watch” devotions were held by Rev. Drew Mabry, pastor of Enon Baptist Church. The Bible Camp Committee works hard each year to plan for the upcoming year. They have regular monthly meetings to develop policies and procedures for the Camp as well as securing Christian staff and counselors for the Camp. Training is provided to staff who will be working in the camp each year. Two sessions are offered so that policies and procedures are discussed by the committee and any questions or concerns are addressed. The price for each participant was $200.00 for a five-night stay. Due to rising costs, the camp had to increased their fee, and this is reflected in the application fee. This year through funding support, the committee was able to subsidize $30.00 for each participant which lowered the cost to $170.00. We have found this fee to be comparable to other Christian retreats which offer similar amenities. The committee also utilizes funding support to provide up to five scholarships for participants who do not have support from a church and cannot afford the fee. The Bible Camp Committee would like to extend the following requests to churches in the Association as a plea to help the Camp continue to provide this Christian outreach to our young people: 1) Please continue to pray for Bible Camp. 2) Please help recruit good counselors for Bible Camp. We need Christians in good standing in their church who will be willing to serve in this important capacity as this position is critical to the success of the camp. In past years, we have especially had a great need for men and women to serve as counselors for our cabin groups. 3) Please help recruit other staff for Bible Camp who are Christians in good standing in their church. We need Bible Study teachers, recreation and activity workers, cafeteria workers, medical workers, and others. 4) Please support Bible Camp with financial donations. If churches could cover the cost for their youth to attend Bible Camp and the cost or partial cost for adults to serve in the Camp, it would greatly help. It would also be a great benefit if churches might consider donating a love gift to the Camp to help provide financial assistance for youth and workers who cannot afford Camp and to help subsidize our fee so that it will be more affordable. If we could share more information about Bible Camp or you would like for someone to share with your church about the camp, please contact the Baptist Center at 828.689.2845 or email May God Richly Bless You, Rodney Wallin, Bible Camp Committee Chairman Ricky Ford, Bible Camp Director

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